Over-exposed in every sense of the word, dumb, cheap and tacky, are just some of the reasons I hated Kim Kardashian but since she became a mum, all of a sudden I'm her No1 fan

If you’d asked me a few months ago what I thought about Kim Kardashian I’d have spat, ‘Loathe her… and everything about her!’

I couldn’t stand to watch her tacky reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I felt sorry for her family pimping themselves and their sad little lives out on TV for the world to see. I felt sad for them that nothing in their lives was private and their obvious, desperate, incessant craving for fame. And as for her love life, three-times married (almost) age 33? Impressive. Not.

But recently, something’s happened. Since she became a mum to baby North, all of a sudden I’m her No1 fan. Christ, I don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but I’d go as far to say I’m literally on the verge of whispering those three little words. I. (might) Love. Her.


Here’s why:

She faced huge and awful criticism when she piled on 50 pounds during her pregnancy, but said nothing. Even when she was called Shamu after the famous killer whale. Bless her!

She’s honest. After posting a pic of her post-preggers bum on Twitter, she admitted it was her ‘big middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat.’ Way to go, fattists!

She doesn’t give a toss what anyone thinks. While most women would never admit they’ve ever changed anything about themselves to please the opposite sex, Kim recently confessed she doesn’t dress for herself, or other women – she dresses for her man, Kanye West.

She’s mates with Cheryl Cole. No explanation needed, obvs.

She loves her family. And they love her more than anything too. On her birthday her younger half-sister Kendall tweeted a cute pic of them both and thanked her for always being there when she needs her. And Khloe called her ‘inspirational.’ That’s Kim who’s always jetting off somewhere, as a baby, a demanding fiancé and a busy life of her own. It’s good to know she still puts her family first.

And lastly. She’s got the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen. When she tweeted that famous pic of her posing with her bum out in her white bathing suit I felt an incredible, overwhelming urge to lick my screen. Bootylicious, babes!

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