Kim Kardashian's perfectly sculpted voluptuous tear-shapes are the best boobs in showbiz

This afternoon after giving it too much thought I realised something incredible… if there were ever an apocalypse, two things would definitely survive – cockroaches (it’s just typical that they would wouldn’t they) and Kim Kardashian‘s boobs. Look at them, not only are they perfectly sculpted voluptuous tear-shapes, those things look absolutely solid, not the usual deflated saggy dog ears sported by most post-breast feeding mums.

Just when we thought we’d literally seen it all – a few days ago Kim, 33, gave us an eyeful of her huge bum on the beach in a thong – she unleashed her two iconic bad boys in a low-cut Valentino dress at dinner in Cecconi’s LA with her sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kylie. There was a crotch-high split too (hubby-to-be Kanye West wasn’t there so who’s she trying to impress?).

Kim‘s always denied having any plastic surgery, apart from a bit of Botox, so I think we’re meant to assume these perfectly formed rocks are real. A wondrous gift from God if ever I saw it! Although I did notice a clearly visible scar. Wonder what that is?!

Anyway, I’ve managed to write a blog all about boobs but I think you’ll agree with me, it’s been worth it, because they are the best boobs in showbiz – gotta love ‘em.

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