Britain’s Got Talent winner Jules O’Dwyer misled viewers during the BGT final with a dog who wasn't Matisse! Now's Caroline Millington is NOT impressed...

We cheered from our sofas as Jules O’Dwyer and her gorgeous dog Matisse were crowned winners of Britain’s Got Talent last night.

But there were boos today as it emerged Jules had misled the audience – and viewers – by using a stunt double dog for the main part of the act.

That’s right.

While Jules dressed up as a policewoman to chase after collie Matisse after he stole a string of sausages for his three-legged pal Skippy, she has revealed the stunt in which Matisse was seen climbing across a tightrope was performed by another dog.


I can’t help but feel we’ve been lied to. While it was lovely to see little three-legged Skippy make an appearance on stage, the winning act is called ‘Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse’ – not ‘Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse and some other dogs who’ll pretend to be him’.

‘Matisse’s stunt double did [have a big role], actually every dog has a different character and Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights,’ Jules said on the Lorraine show.

Eh? We were all led to believe Matisse performed this incredible feat but he’s scared of heights and another dog had to cover from him? That takes the (dog) biscuit.

‘Although he could physically do it, the other canine is the dog that actually did it, he’s the dog that says, ‘I’m the action dog’, he plays the double for him,’ Jules went on to say. ‘I don’t want to give too much information but we decided what he was supposed to be doing because he likes to ad lib a lot. He’s a bit of a diva.’

So Matisse is a diva dog who can’t actually perform the act that won Britain’s Got Talent? Surely that’s like a singer like Calum Scott miming at the final. Unacceptable.

This ‘other canine’ is apparently called Chase – who must be choking on his dog bone over the fact Matisse is getting all the glory while he has to risk life and tail doing the big stunts.

Fair enough, Jules will be spending the £250,000 prize money on becoming a full-time dog trainer and does so much for those adorable mutts, but seriously – it wasn’t Matisse and I think it’s a bit of a cheat!

Runner-up magician Jamie Raven has been slammed for using trickery in his magic – er, what, did you really think he could get that note into a lemon?! It’s called MAGIC!

Jules and Matisse got 22.6% for the vote while Jamie got 20.4%. A pretty close call. But I wonder if people regret picking up the dog and bone to vote for Jules now the truth it out?



Caroline Millington