I'm sick and tired of The Voice judge Danny O'Donoghue not having his own voice

I like watching The Voice enough to keep tuning in each week, but Danny O’Donoghue is seriously irritating.

Why is it that 99 per cent of the time Danny O’Donoghue feels like it’s necesary to swivel his chair towards Will.i.am for approval before he pushes his button?

Why can’t Danny O’Donoghue make a decision by himself? Why can’t Danny O’Donoghue man the f*** up?

Between Danny O’Donoghue‘s indecision and Jessie J‘s inability to sit in her chair without performing her lip-curling mime to every song, it makes me want to shut down and switch off.

Either that or treat the blind audition like a commercial break and pop to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa. Or send texts to my friends. Or hide in a fort built out of sofa cushions and refuse to come out until the madness ends.

Honestly, if Danny O’Donoghue was my boyfriend I would be so ashamed. First of all, I would be saddened that I had ended up with someone with such terrible fashion sense. 

Second, I would be so embarrassed that my snookums’s (well, if we were dating I would have to give him a nickname) lack of confidence was being beamed out to the world for everyone to see.

And why would you look to Will.i.am? He’s nothing but tactics this year. I’d rather be on complete lockdown like Tom Jones, concentrating into space until the very last second to hit the switch.

Anyways, to illustrate my frustration I’ve created the gallery above. Enjoy.

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