Too much money, too many leeches sucking the life (and riches) out of him and too much fame too quick to cope... Justin Bieber just another badboy bore

I don’t condone violence, but the mere sight of Justin Bieber‘s mugshot with his smug (spotty) face makes me want to slap him round the chops with a manky, old, wet fish.

His is the classic tale of a young boy, just 19, with too much money, too many leeches sucking the life (and riches) out of him and too much fame to quickly to cope.

Now I’m so fed up with hearing about Justin‘s bad-boy antics I just wish he’d just bog off. Isn’t it time someone took him away for some time out of the limelight so he can sort his head out? I only ask, because he’s clearly got a lot of problems. Let’s look at the evidence. 

This week, Justin was arrested in Miami and charged with drag racing, driving under the influence, resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired licence (phew!). Police noted he had ‘bloodshot’ eyes and he was a ‘little belligerent’.

And when he was released on… wait for it… a pitiful $2,500 bail (that’s £1,500 or like, 2p to Bieber), he casually sat on the roof of a car smiling and waving to his fans like he thought he was some sort of messiah. Grow up, God, you’re embarrassing.

Sources have said that Justin insists he doesn’t need to go to rehab, even though he reportedly admitted to police: ‘I’ve been smoking marijuana, taking anti-depressants and drinking beer all day.’ Hardly a role model for our children is he?

So isn’t it time Justin‘s ‘yes men’, whoever they are, did the right thing and stepped aside?

Even Adidas, his sponsor, are standing by him. They issued a statement saying: ‘Nothing is changing in our relationship with Mr Bieber at this time.’

I can’t be the only one thinking that it’s clearly time for an intervention?

But this isn’t Justin‘s first brush with the law. Last month police raided his home when a neighbour’s house was attacked with eggs. Mature…

In March 2013 he kept fans waiting at London’s o2 for two hours. Nice… And later that month, his neighbour claimed Justin ‘spat’ at him and ‘threatened to kill him’.

In November 2013 he spent three hours in a brothel in Brazil and was papped coming out with two women. Then he was charged with vandalism after being caught spraying graffiti on a hotel wall.

And there’s been plenty more bad behaviour I could mention but frankly, I’m over Justin, and I’ve had enough of his bullcrap to last me a lifetime.

In December he said he was retiring.

Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhh…. go on then! In a language that immature Justin Bieber should be able to understand, I wish him well: 

See ya, see ya, don’t wanna be ya! 


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