Don't give up on picking up girls on social media James Franco... I'm @amybrookbanks btw


If I was 17-year-old Lucy Clode I’d still be trying to pick myself up off the floor after discovering James Franco picked me out of a huge crowd and fancied me enough to hit me up on Instagram.

Surely, it has to be the most exciting thing that ever happened to her in Dollar the ‘small town’ she lives in in Scotland.

The beautiful Scottish schoolgirl had a complete fairytale Cinderella moment when her Prince Charming’ James, 35, told her to ‘tag him’ as she filmed their encounter outside his play ‘Of Mice and Men’ in New York.

And when she did indeed tag him and he replied saying ‘Hi’, Lucy couldn’t believe her luck. Their conversation gathered pace and James asked her, ‘Who are you with?’ ‘Do you have a bf?’ (Like, who cares about him?!) and Where are you staying?’ ‘Shall I book a room?’ (Erm… ‘YES’, ‘YES PLEASE,’ ‘I’D LOVE YOU TO’) Are some responses Lucy could have hit him with.

To be fair, Lucy‘s replies to the hot Hollywood actor were incredibly witty. When he asked her: ‘What’s the hotel? Shall I rent a room?’ She replied: ‘April Fool’s was an hour ago though.’ She told him he sounded ‘dodgy’ and even demanded that he send her a picture of himself holding a piece of paper with her name on it. And he did!

Whether the A list Hollywood actor wanted to get down and dirty, watch a movie, buy her dinner or something else, we’ll never know now, ‘cos that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, love! Doh…

And instead of jumping at the chance Lucy published their private messages on the internet to show off to her friends. Thing is, they probably just think she’s really dim, but thankfully, Lucy isn’t as stupid as we think (Ignore me Lucy, I’m just well jel). Lucy has at least acknowledged that she will ‘regret it for years’ telling her friend on Instagram: ‘James Franco asked me to meet him alone Romy! It was really him and I rejected him!! [what] am I doing?!’ She then added: ‘I am going to regret this for years – it’s given me a confidence boost though lol.’

Meanwhile, he’s admitted: ‘I’m embarrassed and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky.’

Don’t be down James, the whole thing is amazing. It’s given us normal ladies all over the world hope that a fairytale moment really can come true! And besides, picking up a partner on Twitter etc has worked for the likes of Gregg Wallace (once or twice), Melanie Sykes (kinda), TOWIE star Dan Osborne and EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa.

So don’t give up yet, Jimbob. I’m @AmyBrookbanks on Twitter and same for Instagram, btw. Tag me, yeah?! Oh and PS. I won’t tell anyone! Promise…


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