Jennifer Aniston came face-to-face with love rival Angelina Jolie for first time in six years last night, so why did she 'show off' her saggy tits in that tragic Ron Burgundy-style suit, asks Amy Brookbanks

OK, don’t get me wrong. I love Jennifer Aniston and I’ve always been Team Jen, but on the night when she knew she was coming face to face with her biggest enemy Angelina Jolie – for the first time in six years – what the f*** was she thinking wearing that red trouser suit?

It was the moment we’d all been waiting for. Finally, the two women would be in the same room. But Jen let herself – and girl power – down spectacularly at the star-studded Critics’ Choice Awards.

could have put two fingers up to the woman who stole her husband from under her
nose 10 years ago by getting out those killer legs of hers or toned tummy, but
instead Jen decided to ‘show off’ her saggy tits in a Ron Burgundy inspired
suit that looked like it was straight off the Christmas clearance rail.

I’m no fashion expert but why didn’t Jen wear a glamorous designer dress, like Angelina, and she could have stolen the show?

Jen didn’t even wear a bra and hadn’t bothered to get a pair of trousers that fitted her! She was wearing Christian Louboutin pumps – exactly the same yuck colour as her outfit – but she might as well have turned up in her slippers because you couldn’t even see them. The bootcut style by Gucci was so baggy at the bottom it left me wondering what on earth she was hiding up there?

Meanwhile, Jen‘s love rival swept up the red carpet in a shimmering sexy silver Versace gown that screamed timeless Hollywood goddess. With her bouncy brunette hair and immaculate make-up, Angelina looked completely flawless.

Oh to be a fly on the wall as the two women naturally did everything to avoid bumping into each other. No doubt it was already a distressing night for Jen after she discovered she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, and then to top it all off, there was the possibility of a face-off with the new Mrs Pitt – so I can’t blame Jen for tearing up when she later lost out in the Best Actress category to Julianne Moore.

Thankfully, Angelina didn’t win an award either – she was up for Best Director for Unbroken – so there was no real winner at the end of the night. Well, apart from Angelina, again, who managed to stay cool, didn’t cry, look radiant and went home to bed to Brad.

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