Kate Middleton and Prince William should do things their own way

As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare to become parents I can’t help but worry about them coping under the intense scrutiny their daily lives come under.

My wife and I had our first child in 2010 and our second daughter came along in October last year.

Becoming a father is without a doubt the most incredible thing that has happened to me; words cannot describe the emotions you go through initially (immense pride and absolute terror in equal measure for starters!) as it slowly dawns on you that you are entirely responsible for this tiny baby.

My main worry for the Royal couple is the daily pressure they are under to look and act in a certain way, when I know that everything goes out the window initially as your life is turned upside down.

Normally Wills and Kate don’t have a hair out of place (Wills obviously has less hairs to keep in place) and are dressed immaculately.

I hope the public are sympathetic to them when they’ve both been up all night, look and feel exhausted and have to go to work’ the next day.

I also hope they’re not besieged by well meaning’ friends and relatives who are always keen to offer their advice’, you have to be strong and find your own way.

The people who dress and groom them are going to be working overtime as they try to cover up the dark circles below their eyes and remove the various stains that a small child leaves all over you!

A couple of weeks ago, after the daily scramble to get the kids out of the house before work, it was only when I got to the child minder that she pointed out that I had two blobs of porridge in my hair that saved me further embarrassment.

I regularly get on the train and find small remnants of unidentifiable foodstuffs on my shoulder/sleeve/leg from breakfast.

I’m sure this won’t be the case for William and Kate, but people just need to bear in mind babies come with (a lot of!) mess.

Mainly I just hope that the Royal couple gets to enjoy the start of their lives as a little family, and the immense changes your life goes through.

That first couple of weeks especially is such a steep learning curve that I don’t think anything can prepare you for, but are just so incredibly exciting.

Hopefully those near to them won’t interfere too much and their baby’s first few weeks can be relatively normal so they can discover what works for them as parents. Somehow I doubt that though.

I look forward to seeing how they cope with it all.

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