The reality is that Katie Price is addicted to fame

So Katie Price says she wants to retreat from life in the public eye.

In a recent interview, she admits when she was married to Peter Andre she regrets living her life in front of the cameras.

Blimey. Can it be the penny’s finally dropped that it’s not exactly normal to be followed everywhere by TV cameras and paparazzi?

Well, maybe not. Katie goes on to say she’s considering an offer to appear on Celebrity Big Brother later this year. Er, OK.

And she’ll still be allowing her adoring public glimpses into her life – albeit only occasionally, as people would get ‘bored’ if she didn’t. Right.

See, here’s the problem: Katie Price is addicted to fame. And although she may have good intentions, I’m not sure she can really be happy out of the limelight.

Because for every time she says something apparently sensible like this, she can’t seem to resist doing or saying something that’s guaranteed to get her publicity – like marrying a bloke she’s only known for five minutes, or a Twitter spat with a fellow celebrity. Let alone the public digs at her exes.

Much has been made of Katie‘s success as a businesswoman, but it’s come at a price (no pun intended).

She’s not just a celebrity now: she’s a brand. One that she created herself, but a brand nevertheless. So how do you promote your ‘brand’ without appearing in magazines or on TV?

OK, maybe she doesn’t have much to worry about financially. But this isn’t a woman who seems content to sit back and do nothing for the rest of her life.

I think deep down Katie Price doesn’t want to turn her back on fame. Living life through a lens in the way she has takes its toll – it convinces you you’re nothing without it.

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