Kimberley Walsh says she's left it too late to have a big family. We think she's doing women an injustice.

Newly pregnant Kimberley Walsh is obviously over the moon to be expecting her first child. And having had a close relationship with her long-term boyfriend Justin Scott‘s 13 year old daughter means she’s probably more prepared than most women about what’s in store.

But her recent comments about becoming a mum at the ripe old age of, er, 32 felt like a punch in the face to the sisterhood when I read them.

I would like a big family but I am realistic and I’m aware at 32 I have left it a little late.’ Woah, back up Kimbers!

Granted, we have to take note of our biological clock, but 32 is hardly over the hill in child-bearing terms. For single girls who are still searching for Mr Right, these comments seem a bit on the harsh side.

But Kimberley doesn’t stop there. She goes on to say,’I think women today do struggle with the having it all element. For me there was nothing stopping me but I wanted to have it all and take the opportunities that I had with my career and create a really secure family unit, a home.’

As a not-quite-yet-a-mum, she probably doesn’t realise what a hornet’s nest she’s just stepped into. These are the kind of issues which us fellow mums get pretty riled about. And as a rookie – she’s stepped over the line!

Although Kim acknowledges that her career has allowed her to have the financial freedom to dedicate the next few years to being a mum, but that doesn’t mean that for all women having children means you can’t take advantage of career opportunities.

I had my first baby at 34 and I’m expecting number two at the age of 36. Oh, and I’m managing to keep a successful career going at the same time!

It helps to have a brilliant support network around you, which I’m lucky enough to have. But I can’t help feeling that Kimberley‘s sweeping statements are doing working mums a disservice and unneccesarily striking fear into the hearts of single women in their thirties.

I’m sure the Girls Aloud star will be able to take advantage of loads of exciting work opportunities once her baby arrives, and I hope that she’ll discover that whilst being a mum is one of the most amazing experiences you can have, it’s not mutually exclusive of a successful career.


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