After Tweeting about how her workout nearly made her faint, has Kourtney Kardashian taken her post-baby workouts too far?

She’s the eldest and until now we thought she might be the wisest too… but we’re not so sure anymore!

Just three months after becoming a mummy for the third time, Kourtney Kardashian is going to extremes to get back to her hot pre-pregnancy bod.

Yesterday she tweeted that she almost ‘threw up and fainted’ during a workout. Fair enough, sometimes the treadmill can leave you feeling queezy. The problem is that Kourtney actually enjoyed it and finished the tweet with ‘feels so good! Happy Monday!’

The Kardashian also showed off her progress on Instagram last week with a photo of her scales displaying her new weight – 120lbs (8st 5lbs) – and two days later she revealed that she’s achieving her results by denying herself pizza with another photo.

Obviously we understand the pressure Kourtney is under. Not only is she missing her usually rocking bod – as every woman might after having a baby – but she also has to deal with the fact that she has Kim Kardashian for a sister.

Kim puts a dent in most women’s confidence, what with her incessant nakedness – on TV, in magazines, on Twitter – and with her gushing hubby Kanye West always boasting to the world how lucky he is. You can’t escape Kim Kardashian‘s curves if you’re an ocean away, so imagine being her sister.

Still, even with all the pressure Kourtney is under to look good, we can’t help but think the 35-year- old is sending a negative message to any new mum. Although losing the post-baby pounds might not be as easy as it used to be, she has had three kids after all, now more than ever I can’t help but feel she should take her time to do it.

Of course I’m all for being healthy and feeling good, but perhaps going to the extreme of nearly fainting is crossing the line.

So, Kourt, here’s a message for you and all new mums: it’s okay to take your time getting back in shape. Forget about all the pressure – maybe blocking Kim and Kanye on social media, too?

Mariana Cerqueira