Why Girls' creator Lena Dunham makes us 27% happier


Fat shamers love berating GirlsLena Dunham for her size 12 body and sneering fashionistas often give her ‘worst dressed’ status following a stroll down the red carpet.

But we’d like to say, thank you, Lena for making us hate our bodies a little less and love our wardrobes a little more. Here are five reasons we 3> her.

1. She puts the awe into wardrobe (*OK we’re not the best at spelling. So sue us)
Google ‘Lena Dunham’ and ‘worst dressed’ and you get almost 25,000 hits. But judging by her pink Giambattista Valli number at this week’s Emmys it’s clear to see, she doesn’t give a hoot what other people think of her fashion choices.

And when, in a few months’ time, all the identikit skinnies in their oh-so on-trend red gowns have been long forgotten LD’s non-conformist pink confection will still be at the forefront of our minds. If that teaches the rest of us anything, it’s BE YOURSELF. Haters gonna hate.

2. She loves her lady lumps
She could’ve done it in a T-shirt. Or a raincoat. Or a vest top. But no, Lena did the Ice Bucket Challenge in her cossie – letting the world, yet again, get an eyeful of her body.

She shuns body doubles for her Girls nekkid scenes too, getting her knockers out most episodes. And is it just us, but seeing her normal, non-porno norks makes us like our own fun bags a LOT MORE?

3. She’s on a diet we can get behind
Too often we hear of celebs surviving on a diet of mung beans and Marlboros, but Lovely LenaTM has a healthy attitude Instagramming pix of her and her buds eating pizza, cookies and ice cream. And let’s not forget that at the 2012 Emmys she shared a picture of herself eating cake backstage. Naked. On the loo.

4. She hasn’t Photoshopped her life
We love how in Girls Lena showed us what life in NYC is really like – from the endless internships to the body hang-ups. Her Instagram feed’s the same. It’s filled with images of her dog, Lamby, boyf Jack and her fave new fashion finds. All served up without filter, fakery or faux modesty.

5. Her beauty tips are hilaire
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we give you this Twitter post from this week. Expert beauty tip: prepare for the Emmys by enjoying some huevos rancheros and allowing your hair to marinate in its own natural oils. What no vampire facials, Lena? We salute you, girl.