Lily Allen may look hot in a bikini, but does she really have to shame all us other mums by flaunting it in our faces?


Oh smug off Lily Allen! That’s what I want to say to the singer every time I see *another* picture of her in a bikini.

Have you seen her Ice Bucket Challenge video? Yeah she even did that in a bikini.

So. Not. Necessary.

You see there’s a mum rule (or at least there should be) that if you still look hot in a bikini after having kids you should bloody well keep it to yourself.

I could handle pap shots of Lily on the beach, caught unawares, looking all flat tummed and carefree despite having two kids under three.

But, it’s the barrage of bikini-clad, half naked shots she insists on posting on her Instagram page that make me want to scream ‘Sheezuz’.

I know she’s going through her own issues at the moment – torn between her ‘boring’ life as a mum and that of a young and feisty pop star (see this week’s issue of Now to read more) but enough is enough.

Louise Redknapp once confessed to me that after she had her first baby she had to start ‘tucking her tummy into her jeans’.

I didn’t really understand what she meant at the time. Now, after having a baby a year ago I *totally* do.

SPOILER ALERT: Even if you lose the baby weight your tummy is never quite the same again.

That’s not to say I won’t be wearing a bikini when I go on holiday next month. Hell no.

I may be a mum but I’m not 100. And frankly if any of my fellow beach goers have an issue with me parading my paunch they can sod off.

But I won’t be flaunting it on social media using an oh-so flattering filter (and breathing in A LOT) to make sure all the other mums in the world feel bad.

Sorry Lily Allen, I think you’re beautiful but you need to put a stop to your bikini mum shaming.

I think I speak for all mums when I say it’s really getting on our (breast-feeding battered) tits.

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