Everyone's talking about Lily Allen's new song Hard Out Here, but it's not very good


By criticising Lily Allen‘s new song Hard Out Here, I am accepting the fact that I might invoke Lily‘s wrath, not to mention the rage of her loyal fans around the world.

But the fact remains, I really believe Hard Out Here is a terrible single – and bad enough to dedicate an entire blog about it. 

I applaud Lily‘s comeback – I would expect nothing less than for her to pen a song that fights back against the possible damaging effects Miley Cyrus‘s twerk-mania has left on today’s society.

I even commend Lily Allen for being never afraid to speak her mind, for speaking out about the sexual inequality that exists in the music industry (which has quickly become the norm) and for coming up with an equally-as-controversial video to make it worthy of this week’s watercooler banter.

And of course, Lily – married name Lily Rose Cooper – does it all with her trademark cheekiness – my favourite line being, ‘forget your balls and grow a pair of tits’ – a catchy slogan which I imagine will be quickly appearing on American Apparel t-shirts everywhere.

It’s just a shame that musically, Hard Out Here falls short. Like, it sucks.

I just feel like Lily Allen was so consumed with trying to cause controversy with her snappy lyrics, she forgot that a good pop song also has to be something that people want to listen to – and unfortch, Hard Out Here falls into a category I’m going to call ‘total rubbish’.

It isn’t even a grower.

I’ve listened to it about twenty times in a row and all I can think about is how much I wouldn’t like to dance to it at a club.

The worst part is that Hard Out Here sounds like manufactured, throwaway pop – just like the type of songs she’s parodying. 

And while that could have been Lily Allen‘s intentions, I’m afraid Hard Out Here isn’t going to make any of my playlists.

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