Uh-oh! Binky has broken the golden rule of dating

Binky Felstead wasn’t the only one screaming during last night’s episode of Made In Chelsea.

I was shouting as loudly as I could (yeah, sorry about that, neighbours) through sheer FRUSTRATION.

You see, we’ve all been there Binky.

We’ve all put a date before a mate. We’ve all ditched a ‘meddling’ friend like Lucy Watson insisting they just don’t understand how amazing our cheating boyfriend (hello, Alex Mytton) is behind closed doors.

But I can confidently predict that in a few weeks’ time Binky will be desperately trying to win back Lucy Watson‘s friendship.

You know why? Because friends are always right. Genuinely, always.

Binky tells us in this week’s issue of Now magazine that she’s fed up with people judging her, saying: ‘[Lucy] needs to remember that I’m learning, growing and need to make my own mistakes.’

It’s true, she is entitled to make her own mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean the people around her who really do love her aren’t pulling out their hair right now.

And have you seen how much hair extensions cost in Chelsea?

Read the full interview with Binky Felstead in this week’s Now magazine dated 9 June 2014 – download the digital edition now!

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