More celeb mums should embrace their curves like Kim Kardashian and not rush to lose their baby weight, writes Sarah Tetteh

Why are celeb mums in such a race to lose their baby weight? While women everywhere cooed over Rosamund Pike‘s skinny post-baby body when she attended the Oscars on Monday, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity.

You’ve just had a baby for Christ’s sake!

I’m not saying sit indoors on the couch and feast on cookies, but take a moment to celebrate your post-baby bod and the miracle that has just been created.

Instead many celebs are rushing to get a six-pack within weeks of giving birth. Why?

A few female celebs have actually surprised me and are taking a more sensible approach to getting their figure back.

Kim Kardashian went into hibernation after having baby North West, and she and Kanye would spend days together just relaxing at home and enjoying the moment with their newborn.

In fact, nobody saw Kim for about two months as she stayed indoors to concentrate on her new family, getting her body back in shape healthily through diet and exercise.

It’s been a year and a half since she had baby North and, although she’s posed in sexy shoots showing off her post-pregnancy body, Kim has rather openly and honestly revealed that she still has 10 pounds to go before she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

How refreshing to see that she is embracing the fact that your body does change after having a baby, and you don’t always have to rush to get back to a size zero or whatever Hollywood expects of you.

Kim admits: ‘I think I still have about 10 pounds to go,’ adding wisely: ‘I mean, as you get older and your body changes, you just can’t eat the way you used to. So I’m training myself and I work out.’

She added in her interview with LOVE magazine: ‘I could do with losing a little bit of weight. I used to weigh 110lb(7st 8lb), now I weigh 130lb (9st 2lb) and I should be way smaller. But my mom always told me to, like, live in the moment, be happy with the way you look now because it doesn’t get any better. Don’t go complaining about turning 30 because, she says, you don’t know what 50 is like.’

Zoe Saldana is another example of how to get it right. The actress looks twin-credible after having twin sons a few months back. She celebrated her new-found womanly curves on the red carpet at the Oscars by showing off her curvier hips and ample bosom. More respect to her that she hasn’t rushed to get her former waif-like frame back.

So, while actress Rosamund Pike, who had her second child Atom in December 2014, looked stunning at the Oscars, I just wonder if we were talking about it for the right reasons.

I know everyone’s metabolism is different, and breast-feeding helps to shake off those unwanted pounds, but is it right for anyone to feel any pressure to look ‘good’ so soon after having a baby?

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