Isn't it about time poor North West was allowed some colour in her life, asks Sarah Tetteh

She has access to the world’s finest designers, so why then is Kim Kardashian intent on dressing her child in black?

It’s not Kute and it’s not Klever, and it’s a move that has got Kanye West written all over it.

Tortured fashion designer Kanye has been more than vocal about his struggles to be taken seriously in the fashion arena. And then came North, his adorable daughter who became the perfect muse for him to model his designs on, including a kiddie bullet proof vest, in black. Seriously.

For such a beautiful and beaming child, who turns two in June, a dash of bright colour wouldn’t go amiss.

But from the moment little Nori was born the ‘it’ couple have chosen to dress her head to toe in black, with an occasional grey or white ensemble slipping through the net.

So cute teddy bears, princesses and colourful patterns on clothes or baby grows have been a big no-no. Even their attempt to dress her up as a girlie ballerina got a ghetto make-over as her tutu was jet black. WTF?!

Another one of their ‘genius’ ideas was to put her in a black lace dress to match with her mum Kim.
While I’m all for having fun with your kid’s wardrobe, which no-one can say Kimye don’t do, it’s probably a good idea to experiment with colour too.

She’s a little girl after all, she’s too young to be moulded into a fashionista and should be running around getting mud all over herself instead of looking like a mini version of her parents all the time.

Kids love bright colours, they are great for stimulating and sparking the imagination from an early age.

As a newborn your baby’s colour vision is also developing, so brightly coloured clothes and toys will help develop this ability to distinguish colour and form. Babies tend to look for the longest amount of time at blue, red, purple and orange and the shortest amount of time at dark colours like brown, research has found.

Babies are also less likely to look at brown first when paired with the other colours, suggesting this is their least favourite colour, Dr Anna Franklin, from the Surrey Baby Lab, found after studying more than 250 babies.

So get involved Kimye, and let North West Keep Up with the rest of the kiddies who proudly wear the colours of the rainbow everyday. It seems cruel not to.