Myleene Klass should win an award for her latest Twitter post, says Now's Lucy Gornall

Myleene Klass has revealed her humorous and feisty side by slamming ‘bonkers’ school mums on her Twitter account.

The former Hear’Say singer took to the microblogging website and Instagram, uploading images of two emails she’d received from parents at her seven-year-old daughter Ava‘s school, asking for a donation to be made towards pupils’ birthday presents.

Yes, you read that right!

We aren’t just talking a sticker book here though, or a Frozen stamp set. The pupils in question were hankering after a Kindle electronic book reader and a desk! Just FYI, these kids are at primary school and assuming they’re the same age as Ava, they are only SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Myleene, 36, posted a picture of the message, noting : ‘1/2 FYI I have changed the names etc, but this landed in my #inbox #bonkers #schoolgates.’

The offending message read: ‘Ladies, Jane and Hannah would prefer a class birthday gift for their daughters this year. Sarah would like a kindle and Lola a desk (very studious choices!!) so if you would like to join in, please can I collect a suggested £10 from you before the party on Feb 9th.

‘If you prefer to send £ via an envelope in your daughters school bag, marked for Jane/me, that works too. I will pass on a voucher and card to each at the party. Thanx and no obligation of course [sic].’

Woah, woah, WOAH.

Erm anyone else kinda raging? If that was me (and make no mistake, I am not even close to having children of my own), I would be fuming, with a capital F. As for the ‘no obligation’? Well, I think that basically screams: ‘If you don’t give money you’ll be looked down upon and left out of every future mothers’ meeting.’

A further e-mail read: ‘Dear all, Further to Karen’s email earlier today about a group collection for Joy, I just wanted to say (to those of you who want to contribute), that I’ll be around every morning next week at drop-off if you want to give me some money.

‘From memory, about £10 seems to be a popular amount, but feel free to give what you like or indeed, to give your own gift. I will collate the cash and give it to Sara together with a card with names from everyone who’s contributed. The party’s on the 9th Feb [sic].’

It didn’t end here though as the down-to-earth star later posted her reply, which to be quite honest, we’re seriously sniggering at!

In another screenshot, Myleene wrote: ‘Dear all, For Ava’s birthday, she has requested a real, live unicorn. I will be collecting Unicorn money via her book bag, in the playground or at

‘(Additionally I’d like a Ferrari and Leonardo DiCaprio, so by all means, do feel obligated to contribute to this too).

‘If you don’t wish to, please don’t feel any pressure from the countless emails I intend to follow this up with and clog your inbox. Love and thanks!!’

Who knew Myleene was such a hoot? A unicorn. Pah! I wonder what the other mums thought to THAT?

Seriously, my love for Ms Klass has grown ten-fold and I am seriously impressed at her witty comeback.

Myleene – who is not only mum to Ava, but also has a three-year-old daughter called Hero – has showed her ‘real mum’ attitude.

If I’m honest, my parents would have thought exactly the same and I can literally imagine my mother’s rage if she was to receive an email practically begging for birthday present money.

Jeez, if your kids want a Kindle and a desk, then buy it for them yourself. Don’t assume other parents are going to donate to your child’s birthday gift fund.

Thanks Myleene for quite literally making my Thursday.

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