Why being single suits X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger...

I doubt Lewis Hamilton will ever thank me for this, but hell, who cares.

(Last time I checked he doesn’t read my ramblings anyway… ho hum!)

Lewis has been very public in trying to win back his superstar ex Nicole Scherzinger – even dedicating his recent win at the Hungarian Grand Prix to her – but I hope Nicole isn’t listening. 

Without banging that familiar old drum to the chorus of, Don’t ever get back with an ex, they’ve got nothing new to say,’ Nicole, don’t EVER get back with him because being single suits you!


I mean, c’mon! As the former Pussycat Doll slinked onto our X Factor screens this weekend in her teeny weeny bikini in Antigua I can only imagine Lewis was weeping into a tub of ice-cream – it was enough to make me pause, open-mouthed, mid-meal and throw my calorific Sunday funday’ treat in the bin.

Those abs, those legs, that hair!

I can’t be the only one who internally wailed: Why wasn’t I born with a body like Nicole?’

And is it just me, or is Nicole just getting better and better? I don’t fancy her or anything, oh no. Brooding Gary Barlow is much more my cup of tea.

But blimey, Nicole‘s banging body is simply out of this world. And when she cries (which she’s done, like, loads recently while probably thinking about Lewis) she looks even more beautiful.

And there was me thinking only Cheryl Cole weeps diamonds.

So whatever you’re doing Nicole, keep it up. Cos trust me, looking like that, you won’t be single for long!


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