Stop putting pressure on Wimbledon champ Andy Murray to pop the question!

With the nation on a high from Andy Murray‘s historic Wimbledon victory, the question on everyone’s lips seems to be: when will he propose to his girlfriend Kim Sears?

After all she’s been there to loyally
support him for nearly eight years now.

Wouldn’t a proposal be the icing on the

Apparently not. When Andy was asked if he was planning to propose, he responded: No… I haven’t thought about that yet.’

What with having JUST WON a Grand Slam title on his home turf after a gruelling three and a quarter hour match, you know, maybe it wasn’t exactly the first thing on his mind.

And when Holly Willoughby pushed the point the next day on This Morning, he told her: I only met you, like, 10 minutes ago, so I wouldn’t be telling you first.’

Too right! For a start, it’s none of our business. And maybe I’m unromantic, but what exactly is the big deal about putting a ring on it?

Andy and Kim are still only 26 and 25 respectively.They’ve been living together for three years, so they’re already settled. They even have a family’their dogs Maggie May and Rusty!¬†

Andy‘s said in the past that Kim – who’s an artist – wants her own career. And to be honest, he’s probably a bit busy with his right now.

So what’s the rush? And why do we assume they even want to get married?

Given that they seem perfectly happy as they are, I think we need to quit banging on about Andy popping the question and just leave him and Kim alone to enjoy this very special moment.

If they choose to get married at some point, of course I’ll be happy for them. But if not – who the hell cares?

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