Former Corrie star Suranne Jones could teach us all a lesson in finding love

So former Corrie star Suranne Jones is getting married just SIX weeks after falling for her new man.

According to national newspaper reports, the actress, 35, is said to be tying the knot to Nikon Pro magazine editor Laurence Akers, 45, after he proposed last week.

And while they first met at an even early this year, reports say she was adamant she was still single just six weeks ago.

So is Suranne making a mistake by getting engaged so quick? After all, only fools rush in according to Elvis.

I’m sure there’s hundreds of self-appointed relationship experts out there who will agree that she’s taking a leap of faith too far.

Experts say it’s better to take it slow, quoting people like Pamela Anderson and Britney Spears who’ve been caught up in whirlwind weddings and lived to regret it.

But, for what it’s worth, I think it’s high time someone congratulates impulsive people like Suranne.

Falling in love is all about risks. You could date for years and still end up with your heart broken.

So why abide by these arbitrary dating rules?

Scott & Bailey star Suranne has always been a strong, independent woman.

So before the haters pour rain on her engagement parade, I think us old romantics should tip our hats to her.

She should serve as an inspiration rather than a warning. If you can’t follow your heart, what can you follow?


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