Butterfly hair clips and hair mascara! Now’s Amy Lo thinks that some things are best left in the past…

Ah the 90s, I remember it like it was yesterday. Spending days wrapping hair up in scunchies and doing up the buckles on dungarees, while undoubtedly dancing around my room pretending I was in the Spice Girls.

And sure, I still wear dungarees and rock scrunchies 15 years later like nobodies business, but I’m not sure I want the Spice Girls to join along for the ride down memory lane.

I LIVED for the Spice Girls when I was younger. I had all their albums on CD (and even some singles on tape), I memorized all the lyrics out of the leaflet inside the case and the dance moves out of the music video. I even fell out with my best friend for all of one afternoon when we argued who got to be Posh Spice when watching Spice World the Movie together.

I have so many happy and fun memories associated with those five fiesty and fierce girls, who were my beginner’s guide to all things Girl Power. But that’s what I want them to remain as – a memory.

In my own little world, the Spice Girls are five best friends taking on the world with platform trainers, tracksuits, leopard print coats, and little black Gucci and Union Jack dresses, throwing peace signs everywhere they went.

But fast forward to 2015, and that’s not the case anymore. I mean, can you really imagine Victoria Beckham pulling THIS face as she took her bow on stage at London Fashion Week?

Those Spice Girls have grown up into wonderful women and yummy mummies, and they’re all doing their own thing – and brilliantly so!

When they appeared on the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, it was a one-off and it was iconic, patriotic, and the big ol’ dose of fun nostalgia that the doctor ordered for the speical occasion.

But with a whole tour reported to take place, and one of the girls missing – would it be the same kind of magic and excitement watching four women on stage trying to replicate the energy and excitement they had when they were in their twenties at the height of Brit Pop?

They’d already had a reunion tour once before if you cast your minds back to 2008, and as the girls sang themselves, too much of something is bad enough. And with Viccy B reported to not on board with this reunion, just like Baby Spice whispered in the classic 2 Become 1 video: ‘are you as good as I remember?’ Sadly, probably not.

If Posh Spice is saying no to Girl Power, maybe it’s time for us say goodbye my friend too.

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Amy Lo