He wears gloves indoors but Cheryl Cole’s manager is my new star of Saturday night TV

Move over Dermot O’Leary, we’ve got a new darling of Saturday night TV… Step forward, the one and only Will.i.am.

Who knew a boy from one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Los Angeles would become the saviour of BBC’s new reality TV show, The Voice? And boy has he done it in style…

With his eccentric fashion – the kooky glasses, superhero jackets and fingerless gloves – Will‘s not your typical BBC bod but that makes me love him even more.

He’s uber talented, over uses the word dope’ and his bubbling energy reminds me of a kid who’s just been let loose in a sweet factory – but underneath it all he’s actually one cool dude.

I’ll even forgive him for getting so excited that he can’t help but spontaneously bust a move when the moment takes him and for wearing his gloves indoors (surely he knows you just don’t get the benefits!).

Now it makes sense why the Beeb were wooing him to sign on the dotted line. They were so desperate they got Will.i.am to sign his contract on an airport tarmac and quite frankly I don’t bloody blame them as Will has more than proved his pay cheque!

I’d even go so far as saying he’s one of the only reasons keeping me glued to The Voice. The concept is fantastic but the live shows have lagged a little – that is, until our favourite Black Eyed Peas star comes into his own.

Will.i.am may have got rapped (no pun intended, honest!) for Tweeting during the live shows of The Voice, but he’s defied show bosses and says it allows people to live the moment’ with him. Well who are we to argue?

Looks like Ms Cheryl Cole was ahead of the game all along as she snapped him up as her manager last year.

In the hope that a little of Will‘s star power will rub off on me I’m thinking of changing my name to Sel.i.na – not quite as snappy but lets roll with it and see if the Beeb will sign me up too!

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