They've forgotten they are committing a crime - again

Firstly, it has to be said that death threats are pretty much unneccessary, regardless of the situation.

How anyone can sit at home and type out such vile things with no shame is beyond me.

And they mustn’t believe that doing so on Twitter or Facebook won’t have any consequences – people can and do go to prison for these hateful crimes.

But what really amazes me about the death threats sent to Courtney Webb, who alleged she slept with One Direction‘s Zayn Malik, is that we’re still blaming the girl.

We don’t know if the allegations are true – we weren’t there – but everyone on Twitter has somehow decided they know for sure she is making it up and they are determined to make her suffer for it.

Those that believe the allegations are blaming Courtney instead of Zayn, which makes no sense.

It can be easy for youngsters especially to feel so close to someone famous, that it is as if they know them.

These fans leap to defend their idol, without knowing all the facts, and without considering that the last thing Zayn, or anyone sane for that matter, would want is for someone to live in fear of their life, regardless of the circumstances.

The truth is that we don’t know them at all. 

If these fans really love their idols One Direction so much, why not leave Zayn in peace to work things out with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. If the allegations turn out to be false, that will be proved in time.

In the meantime, it is worth remembering that threats to kill is a crime which can carry a prison sentence. 

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