In this world of acceptance Tom Daley's 'coming out' to the world is still very important and will inspire and ultimately save lives!


It has been said that Tom Daley‘s decision to come out shouldn‘t have to make headlines anymore!

After all, we live in a very accepting world. Tom likes boys! Who cares? He’s happy! So why should we treat it as if it’s something extraordinary? 

Sadly, the world isn’t a perfect place. While on the surface it appears accepting of all kinds of people, Tom‘s announcement is still a very important step! More so than ever, in fact!

In the media, and in the safe celebrity world, gay men and women are happily embraced. But away from the spotlight, in the real world, young kids in schools and in families who are not as open minded as some are struggling to live happy lives as playground bullies target them about their sexuality!

Over the last couple of years, more and more stories have emerged of young kids taking their lives because they can no longer deal with narrow-minded little cowards taking out their own insecurities on those they consider weaker!

It’s a tragic state of affairs that young boys and girls who just happen to love someone of their own sex should feel pushed into a corner and made to feel like their life isn’t worth living.

Tom‘s admission is important because he continues to chip away at a stigma about gay men that sadly still exists!

In some ways his public admission will hopefully help normalise’ homosexuality to the idiots who think being gay is a weakness or something to be ashamed of!

But more importantly it will give those gay men who have thus far been too scared to fully embrace their true selves the confidence to stand up and in turn inspire others

So well done Tom for taking control of your life and sharing your news.

Enjoy all that’s ahead of you, your life is going to be a rollercoaster, just as it is for everyone. You will fall in love and you will be heartbroken, but that’s what life’s about. At least now you can experience it without having to hide away.

More importantly, Tom, remember this moment in your life will change the lives of boys and girls who have only ever wanted to be loved or to find love. You have, without you probably realising, given those poor souls too scared to be themselves that all important hope! And for that you should be proud

If only I had a Tom Daley to look up to when I was younger, life would have been so much easier! In my day, my gay role model was a flamboyant Julian Clary!

Ah well, in the end, I guess I didn’t turn out too bad! Did I?

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