The amazing Mr Burton from Channel 4's Educating Yorkshire is an inspiration for changing young people's lives.

It’s been almost a week since I watched the heart-warming final episode of Educating Yorkshire and I’m still an emotional wreck. 

For those who didn’t see it (and the clips have gone viral so you should have), supercute English teacher Mr Burton was seen trying to help stammering pupil Musharaf Asghar to overcome his speech impediment.

The result? The young student not only made it through his English oral exam with flying colours, he also stood up in front of his schoolmates and teachers and read out a message he had written himself. And he did it brilliantly. Awww!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as he battled through his speech – even his laddy schoolmates started blubbing away like wet lettuces. Heart-strings were most definitely pulled.

As the credits rolled I had a sudden realisation. Too much respect is paid to supposed role models like Joey Essex and Helen Flanagan.

While they most certainly do have their place in the world – they are fun and goofy which is why we like them – I find it terrifying that young people today look to them for inspiration.

But what this particular programme showed us was that there are unsung heroes out there like Mr Burton who don’t get paid millions of pounds who actually do change people’s lives.

The modest Yorkshire teacher has admitted that what he did for Mushy was nothing more than his job.

But the chirpy fella doesn’t realise that his goofy manner – he jumps on tables to read out passages from books – and cheeky banter with the pupils, fills them with self-worth they might not think they have. And for that he should be very proud of himself. 

In a world where kids get a bad rap for practically everything, he is trying to encourage them to make the best of themselves.

Yes, it’s his job, but he does it in such a charming and cheeky way that I wish I could step back in time and be one of his pupils.

What bugs me is that had he not appeared on this show we would never have known about the great work these teachers do. Now he has opened all our eyes!

And while there are thousands of other teachers like him across the country, he has now become the superstar classroom hero who gives us all hope and makes us realise that future generations are in good hands. 

Yes, we can enjoy the doofus that is Joey Essex and his dumbo slip ups, but it’s criminal that he lives a superstar lifestyle for being ‘stupid’ while poor old Mr Burton still works hard for his pay packet and makes a mark in the world.

So Mr Burton – thank you thank you thank you for being an amazing man and giving kids the chance to shine. You deserve an award! 

Oh and while, we’re on the subject of teaching kids, Mr Burton – if we send Joey Essex around to your school, can you try your hardest to do something about filling that empty head of his with some kind of intelligence! It’s a tough job, but I think you can do it. 


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