Slimmed down Grammy-award winner Adele looks unrecognisable as she poses with pal Katy Perry

After giving birth to baby Angelo back in October 2012, Adele (remember her?) practically disappeared from society. But now she’s back looking ph-ph-ph-phenomenal – and a helluva lot thinner.

The gorgeous-whatever-her-size redhead came out of hiding and reminded us of what her face looks like after posing for a selfie with BFF Katy Perry following one of her 02 gigs last week – and she looked almost as skinny as her size 10 singing pal!

Now, I’m yet to see a full-length photo of the 5ft 9in former size 16 singer, but apparently the Grammy award-winner has shed so much weight she is barely recognisable – according to my eagle-eyed friend who spotted her in the park last week anyway!

‘Adele ran up to me while I was walking my sausage dog in Battersea Park, London, last week,’ says my pal.

‘She was walking her sausage dog too so we chatted about that for a bit, but I didn’t register that it was Adele until after she left. She was so thin I barely recognised her!

‘And it was only after I Googled her dog that I was absolutely sure. She looked incredible!’

Adele’s weight has often been a topic of discussion. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfield once referred to her as a ‘little too fat’ and ’roundish’ – causing massive outrage in 2012.

Now it seems the 26-year-old has totally transformed.

It comes as Adele gears up to release her next studio album, expected to drop later this year when we’ll hopefully get a proper glimpse of her!

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