How high?! Jessica Simpson's husband Eric Johnson throws baby Ace into, um, orbit...

Oh. My. God. I can’t believe the pictures I’ve just seen of Jessica Simpson’s husband, former professional football player Eric Johnson, playing with his son.

He appears to be attempting to throw his son Ace to the moon!

It looks like their one-year-old baby is having the time of his life in the picture Jessica recently posted on Instagram!

Now, as a dad, I am not against playfully throwing my children up in the air (my wife actually thinks pretty much all I do when in charge of the kids is run about aimlessly, wrestle with them, then jump up and down on the bed until they almost faint).

I’d like to think that Eric has the same approach as me.

As all the most awesome dads have, I’ve accidently thrown my youngest daughter into the ceiling light shade or thrown her high enough for her hair to just brush the ceiling. Magical times!

Jessica Simpson, 34, has said of her husband: ‘Ace is obsessed with his dad, Maxwell is obsessed with her dad. I think it’s because he can lift both of them [at the same time]. Eric is the best.’

Eric can do a lot more than lift them up! I know the man used to be a professional football player but it must take some serious strength to hurl a child that far up in the air. I am envious Eric!

Clearly Eric has form for child hurling’ as I found another picture of Eric with their two-year-old daughter Maxwell on the beach. You can tell this man is an athlete! (I checked with Eric, and Maxwell is doing fine, currently cruising at 27,000 feet and due to land somewhere on the East Coast of America at 16.35 tomorrow).

I’ve also mocked up some pics of Eric that could be taken straight from the Simpson family album…

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