Union J should not have gone home. If James Arthur doesn't win, I won't watch it next year

Why, why, WHY is Christopher Maloney in the final three of The X Factor ?

Could it be a big conspiracy from anti-X Factor fans with too much time (and money) on their hands?

Or is he really what ‘the people’ want from a winner – not the credible, and simply the best contestant ever, James Arthur?

Seriously if that man doesn’t win, I will not watch it next year. James Arthur, that is, not Christopher.

I just love how, after each performance, James just stands there so casually, like nothing has happened. He doesn’t even have to try. He’s so good it’s effortless.

Maybe they shouldn’t allow anyone over the age of 60 to vote to avoid all this unnecessary palaver?

And Union J ‘the next big boy band’ – shouldn’t have been voted out. What lovely, charming boys they seem. I was slightly overcome with emotion when they sung their final song on Sunday night.

I’ve bored myself, my husband, my work colleagues, friends, family, Facebook and Twitter followers with my praise for James Arthur these last couple of months. Maybe it’s THEM voting for Christopher Maloney, just to wind me up?

Christopher just makes my skin crawl. Yeah he can sing a bit, but really Britain, is this what you rate in a finalist when we have had so much other talent?

I despair, I really do.

If there was a number to vote him out I would be right on it. I bet Gary Barlow is kicking himself for nominating him as his wild card, you can see in his face his heart isn’t in it.

So, as this series draws to a close, my hopes for a decent winner take up far too much of my thoughts. We all know who that should be. Well, those of us with any sense of what is good music do.

I shall be sat in front of the telly next weekend, clutching my husband and praying our winner is not the grannies’ favourite.

I’ll be wearing my James Arthur Band T-shirt, kindly sent to me by his pre-X Factor band mates, named, er, The James Arthur Band along with their great EP, so I can listen to that voice whenever I choose.

Thank you boys!

So please Britain, show some pride in our country.

Don’t vote for Mr ‘I work harder than anyone in the competition’ Christopher Maloney.

Vote James Arthur, damn it!

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