Does the new Mrs Clooney reeeally deserve all this?

Amal Alamuddin has (*shock horror*) taken her husband George Clooney‘s name, after the couple wed in Venice in September.

Human rights barrister Amal is now listed as Amal Clooney on the website of her law firm Doughty Street Chambers – making the whole thing a lot more official, and romantic, right?

Not according to Twitter. Thousands of cross types have taken to the social media site to vent their views on what Amal’s move means for: Feminism! Marriage! Workplace politics! ALL OF US! It’s TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It)!

Yup, they’re basically Twittering on, like only Twitter can (while all in under 140 characters, obvs).

@Tim_Finch says: ‘Always mystifies me that any woman would take her husband’s surname – even to become Mrs Clooney‘ while The Hoopla calls it: ‘A bad move for feminism‘. ‘It’s retrogressive!‘… ‘Ahhh! She’s lost her marbles!‘ squeals another.

But the WORST? In my opinion – is that one from *cough* another celebrity mag, which reads: ‘Amal fulfills dreams of women across the world, and takes her husband’s name.’

First up, I didn’t grow up gagging to marry George, 53.

And – I can’t speak for ‘the world’ – but nor did any of my friends. Soz guys.

Secondly, CRIPES! Talk about belittling, demeaning then pish-poshing the sisterhood! No, I’m not an extreme feminist – but neither am I scared of dropping the F-bomb (either of them)… I simply just don’t think that anyone should be expected to take her – or his – husband’s name.

IT’S HER RIGHT TO CHOOSE! Whether it’s down to a couple’s religion, finances, whether they can be bothered with the paperwork… a relationship status is down to the couple involved – and no one else. Not even Amal’s mother. It’s NOT a feminist issue, it’s not even an issue.

Which is why I am NOT currently stood on a soapbox – instead I’m sat, at my desk, working damn hard to carve out a career that I can be proud of. Something that Amal‘s done too, and then some, plus 100% more brilliance, and a fair few awards to boot… swooooon…

… Speaking of Amal’s incredible CV, I was surprised that she’d chosen to change her name at work – but IT’S HER RIGHT TO CHOOSE! I’m sure she couldn’t give two hoots about whether I plan to take my future husband’s name or not. Which, incidentally, IS MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

Amal’s new work profile reads: ‘Amal Clooney is a barrister specialising in international law, human rights, extradition and criminal law. She has represented clients in cases before the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as in domestic courts in the UK and US.’

That ‘Clooney’ part? Yeah, that shouldn’t be news – it shouldn’t be riling up feminists nor bigots, nor you, nor me.

I’m delighted that she’s chosen Clooney – but only because ‘Amal Clooney’ is optimised for the land of Google (where two names work better than one innit) which means… No more ridiculously clunky ‘Mrs George Clooney Amal Alamuddin’ headlines! HUZZAH! (NB Yes, I’m a geek).

But IRL? If Amal had changed her name to Buttcluster I’d still be happy for them. HER CHOICE! HER CHOICE! HER CHOICE! HER CHOICE! Amal has nailed life BC (Before Clooney) so can we just get excited about what the next 36 years hold for her, HER CHOICE! HER CHOICE! HER CHOICE!

The only way that we can fight the backlash is by: A) Persuading George Clooney to change his name too. Ah go on George – give it a whirl?

Or B) Focusing on Amal’s career. And right now? Right now Amal’s advising the Greek government on how to repatriate the Elgin Marbles from Britain. See, not losing marbles, but uniting them. The woman’s marbleous. In fact, I may change my name to Amal. MY CHOICE! MY CHOICE! MY CHOICE! End of.

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