Kim Kardashian has caused controversy by hiring a stylist for one-year-old North West, but other mums with girls will totally get it

Kim Kardashian has reportedly hired a stylist for her one-year-old daughter North West.

Apparently this should make me furious (it has certainly got my colleague Sarah Tetteh all riled) but the truth is I’m as jealous as hell.

The thing only mums with daughters will understand is that it is a million billion times harder to dress a girl than a boy.

While friends tell me they just throw a pair of trackies on their sons when they bundle them out the door for nursery, with my one-year-old daughter Juliet it’s a WHOLE different story.

There are just so many aspects to dressing a girl that far exceed the simple question of ‘what should she wear today?’.

It’s not just about the dress, it’s about the tights you pair with the dress, then the shoes and now that the weather is getting colder, there’s a new curveball: making sure her coat doesn’t clash with the dress, tights and shoes.

And we haven’t even got started on the hair.

As much as I love choosing an outfit for her to wear, if you’re a working mum like me, you have to think: Who has the TIME for all this? (Incidentally, I should point out that the same level of wardrobe
precision doesn’t apply to myself. I turn up to nursery looking like a sack of potatoes.)

If Kim has hired a stylist for North then she hasn’t just done herself a huge favour but she’s also done something her daughter will one day be grateful for.

Remember all the fashion horrors you experienced as a child – the yellow velour babygrow, the Bart Simpson T-shirt, the frilly knickers (just me?) – yeah, North is never going to have to deal with any of that shizzle coming back to haunt her on Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking ‘get a life, why are you so vain you’re worried about what your toddler wears’?

Well, I’m not really – it’s more that everyone else in my daugher’s life expects it. Her adoring public (everyone from the girl who smiles at her on the bus to the staff at the nursery) expects her (me) to make an effort with the way she looks. Every time Juliet comes into contact with an adult, the first thing that naturally tumbles out of their mouths is ‘oh what a pretty dress’.

I’m not saying this is right – it’s very wrong – but it’s just what happens. And if Juliet doesn’t get a nice comment about what she’s wearing I feel like I’ve let her down.

On days when I’m having an ‘off day’ (or, um, her dad dresses her) and Juliet goes out in a pair of jeans and simple Tee, everyone we meet mistakes her for a boy. And that’s just embarrassing for all involved.

Oh and then there are the times when I accidentally dress my daughter in an outfit that is identical to the one I’m wearing. Awkward.

So, I beg you not to judge Kim Kardashian if she has found a stylist to make sure North West not only looks fabulous but, if reports are to be believed, also ensures she co-ordinates with what her mum is wearing.

Because dressing girls is hard. But only mums with daughters will understand this.

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