Am I a life coach? No. Should anyone listen to me ever? No. But before The Wanted say goodbye, every heartbroken fan must read this!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never had a heartbreaking email, people usually just communicate bad news via emojis and chucking chocolate at me. So when a press release from The Wanted‘s PR landed in my inbox, I finally experienced what it was like to stop yourself grabbing your monitor and throwing it across the room.

I was heartbroken. My beloved boyband have said they’re off to pursue their own projects once their next tour has finished. WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS PEOPLE.

I’ve worked with The Wanted since before they released their first single and they quickly became some of my firm favourites. They’re honest, hilarious, genuine, always up for a laugh and total joys to interview. Oh, and they’re hot too. That always helps. Ahem.

So as I come to terms with the fact that soon my days doing ridiculous things from blindfolding to bad bowling with the boys are nearly over, here’s what I think each member should do while he’s chasing his own dreams. Let’s see this has part of my therapy, yeah? Cheers readers.

Jay McGuiness: Possibly one of the world’s most unlikely band members given the fact he’s a massive geek. I feel that Jay would be happiest spending his time in Avatar world, Pandora. He can take his lizard Neytiri with him too. Aw Jay.

Siva Kaneswaran: If using his razor sharp cheekbones to cut glass isn’t something that Seevs feels like pursuing, then I think he’s going to be happiest just settling with fiancée Nareesha McCaffery and doing the husband thing. Did you see how miserable he was in The Wanted Life when he was apart from her? Oh my heartstrings were tugged.

Max George: Have you seen the pictures of Max modeling for Buffalo in his pants? ‘Nuff said. Apart, of course, from Buff-HELLO.

Tom Parker: Mr Parker, I have two options for you. Design more clothes and sell them, OR, you should create your own lager and get into darts commentary.

Nathan Sykes: He looks like a baby sloth but has a singing voice to knock your socks off. Singing sloth? It’s a niche market, but I think it could work.

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