Doesn't Mrs O know that showering Louis Walsh with kisses won't make him change his vote?

Will Sharon Osbourne stop at nothing to get her X Factor acts through? Sunday night’s act of fawning and slobbering over fellow judge Louis Walsh was truly horrible to watch!

We saw Mrs O literally smothering Louis with kisses and caresses – and at one point her ample cleavage – to persuade him to vote in favour of her act Shelley Smith during the sing-offs.

And yuck, it was all a bit slobbery and over the top and just, well, eww!

Did Sharon really think that throwing herself all over and all around Louis would persuade him to vote in favour of Shelley? Over cheeky, cheerful, cutie boy band Kingsland Road?

Did she seriously think that promising to do anything Louis wanted would bring him round to her way of thinking?

As it happens, Louis looked well and truly pissed off by Sharon‘s advances. She wouldn’t let him get a word in edgeways and it genuinely looked as if poor Louis was struggling for air at times.

At one point Louis‘s face turned as red as Sharon‘s garnet barnet and, as her OTT PDA went on – and on and on – he looked about ready to smack her one.

And, dare I say it, Louis would’ve been totally justified!

Get back in your box, Sharon, and calm down. The X Factor isn’t all about you. And anyway your powers of persuasion didn’t work, coz Louis voted to save Kingsland Road. Obvs.

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