Leaving One Direction was obviously the right thing to do, says Now’s Lucy

Zayn Malik left us totally devastated back in March when he unexpectedly quit One Direction but it seems as though this whole ‘solo career’ malarkey is doing him the world of good.

Although 1D fans around the world were heartbroken when 22-year-old Zayn left the band, it’s clear that Mr Malik is thriving on his own. I’ve never been a huge One Direction lover – although I won’t deny a cheeky sing-song in the shower – but I’ve gotta say, Zayn has never, EVER, looked as good as he does now.

Check the pics above if you don’t believe me…

After photos emerged today of Zayn attending Paris Fashion Week, I was left a little taken aback. Is this really 1D’s Zayn? Is it really the former dark-haired, mysterious boy band crooner? Yes, yes it is!

Per-lease, pass me a fan because things just got hawt in here. I’m actually envious of Zayn’s Little Mix fiancée, Perrie Edwards, 21.

Sporting a blonde shaven head, contrasting dark brows and a super sexy smoulder, it’s like Zayn has totally broken away from the stereotypical boy band look and has embraced a brand-spanking new style. No longer is Zayn the young twenty-something boy. He’s now, A MAN.

He’s not even donning high-street clobber any more either. Instead, Zayn is opting for true designer style – the kinda clothes that only the rich and famous can really get away with.

Zayn is 100 per-cent ready for the world of solo music now and with rumours flying that he could be in talks to sign a contract with rapper 50 Cent, I’m pretty excited!

Oh he’s like the Sisqo of 2015- y’no, the white-haired, shaven-headed R&B singer who had us boogying down to dance floor hits Thong Song and Unleash The Dragon back in the late nineties.

I will be sat here in anticipation awaiting news of Zayn’s upcoming music…whilst staring at the photo I have of him pinned to my notice board…

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