Name Chanelle Hayes

Birth name Chanelle Jade Sinclair

Birthday 11 November 1987

Star sign Scorpio

Birthplace Styal, Cheshire

Chanelle Hayes made a dramatic entrance into the world in 1987. Her mum Andrea Sinclair was a prostitute serving time in prison for drug dealing when she gave birth.

Nobody knew who Chanelle’s father was. She had two older sisters, Melissa and Maria, who both had different dads to her.

When Chanelle was just five months old, Andrea was murdered by one of her clients, Keith Pollard.

Baby Chanelle was put up for adoption after her mother’s death and went to live with Harry and Christine Hayes in 1988 when she was nine months old. The family also adopted another child, David.

Chanelle Hayes grew up in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. At the age of 15 she learned the truth about what had happened to her birth mum and went to meet her grandmother and sisters in Sheffield.

During her childhood Chanelle did well at school. She always loved the Spice Girls and hoped to be a professional Victoria Beckham lookalike.

The Yorkshire lass got her break aged 19 when she entered the Big Brother house in 2007. She enjoyed a romance with fellow housemate Ziggy Lichman before voluntarily leaving after 62 days.

Chanelle remained in the public eye. She had a role as a judge on 2008 talent show Wannabe and did various TV appearances.

She also attempted to pursue a singing career and starred in several lads’ mag photoshoots.

In 2009 Chanelle fell pregnant by footballer Matthew Bates and gave birth to son Blakely in 2010. In the later stages of her pregnancy she dated Jade Goody’s widower Jack Tweed.

The couple had an on-off relationship for several years but they appeared to split up for good in May 2013.

In 2014 in an interview with Now, Chanelle confirmed the pair were an item again, saying: ‘I reckon we’re in it for the long haul.’

After gaining a lot of weight, Chanelle hit the headlines again when she slimmed down to a size 8 in 2014. Her autobiography Chanelle Hayes: Baring My Heart was released in the same year.


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