Birth name Eleanor Jane Calder

Birthday 16 July 1992

Star sign Cancer

Birthplace London, UK

Eleanor Calder was born in London in 1992. She’s an only child.

After attending St. Marylebone School, Eleanor headed to the University Of Manchester to study politics and sociology.

While a student, she took a job as a floor model at fashion store Hollister.

Eleanor Calder entered the limelight when she fell for One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson in 2011. Their anniversary is on 17 November.

She’s been described as a ‘female version of Louis’.

Hooking up with Louis just before the release of 1D’s first album, Eleanor has supported her man throughout his stratospheric rise to worldwide fame.

She often accompanies Louis on tour and has been spotted with him in cities including New York and Melbourne.

Eleanor’s also joined Louis at events such as the 2012 MTV VMAs and the London premiere of One Direction’s 3D documentary film This Is Us in 2013.

Louis has returned the favour by visiting his girl at university and flying back from his group’s Where We Are tour to attend her graduation in 2014.

Since hooking up with Louis, Eleanor Calder has become a style icon amongst Directioners. There are a number of blogs on the internet that focus on her fashion.

She’s gained a huge amount of fans, who’ve nicknamed her and Louis’ relationship Elounor.

However, she’s also had to deal with cruel messages and death threats on her Twitter page. In 2012, Louis raged about being ‘very p*ssed off’ that Eleanor had been sent pictures of his ex-girlfriend Hannah Walker.

A very vocal group of Directioners – named Larry Shippers – are obsessed with an imagined romance between Louis and his bandmate Harry Styles, which they call Larry Stylinson.

Both Louis and Eleanor have dismissed the rumours, with Eleanor Tweeting to a believer in 2012 that they were ‘deluded’.

Luckily, the loved-up pair have stayed strong through the tough times.

Although the pair had busy schedules, they both appeared to make time to see each other. Louis opened up about how he and Eleanor keep their long-distance relationship going in January 2014.

‘It’s definitely doable, it’s down to the people and whether they want to make it work enough,’ he said. Louis even flew back from 1D’s Where We Are stadium tour to watch Eleanor graduate from university in July 2014. Eleanor was maid of honor at mum Johannah Poulston’s wedding to boyfriend Dan Deakin. Louis was one of two best men.

The pair were last spotted on February 13th in Australia taking a walk along the beach as Eleanor came to meet Louis during the last leg of their tour.

News of their split emerged in March 2015.