The Body Coach Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks: ‘I bought my mum the council house we grew up in’

Having sold 2.3 million books in the UK alone, Joe Wicks is the best-selling non-fiction author for the second year running. And, taking a break from yelling ‘Lean in 15’ while cooking up a storm on social media, he’s already written 
his sixth book, even though his fifth The Fat…

Joe Wicks

The Body Coach Joe Wicks: ‘Get your dream body NOW’

Famous for his quirky Instagram videos and super- speedy #Leanin15 meals, Joe Wicks ­ AKA The Body Coach ­ has taken the health and fitness world by storm, with over 2,000 people a week signing up to his 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain Plan. It’s easy to see why…