Cher Lloyd is 'the happiest girl alive'


Cher Lloyd‘s debut single reached No 1 in the UK Singles Chart yesterday – and she’s so happy, she wants to cry.

Cher‘s catchy Swagger Jagger knocked fellow X Factor contestants JLS off the top spot with their record Makes Me Wanna.

‘I’m the happiest girl alive! Thank you for supporting me, and buying the single! This is the best thing thats ever happened to me!’ Cher, 18, Tweeted.

Cher‘s faced a public backlash since she came 4th on The X Factor last year because of her diva-style performances and no-nonsense attitude.

But the 18-year-old insists she’s a very different person behind the scenes.

‘This is what people get mixed up with,’ Cher told Reggie Yates on Radio 1.

‘They think because I’m like that on stage that I’m like that as a real person, but I’m two different people.’

Cher appreciates how much she owes to her devoted fans.

‘Thanks to each and every one of you,’ she announced during the interview.

‘You have actually made my life and I’m going to start crying and I don’t want to cry.’

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