Marv makes sure things are in their right place

Marvin Humes often gets recognised when he’s out buying groceries.

‘Me and Rochelle [Wiseman] are popping into our local M&S all the time!’ says the JLS star.

‘The funniest thing some people say to me is: “I can’t believe you do your own shopping.”

‘Well, no one else is going to do it for me, are they?’

Marv, 26, doesn’t do his own vacuuming or dusting, though – and he likes things tidy.

‘I’m spoilt ‘cos I’ve got a cleaner now,’ he reveals. ‘I’ve got a bit of OCD.

Rochelle does my washing most of the time, bless her.’

Read the full interview with Marvin Humes and JLS in Teen Now magazine dated August/September – out now!

Teen Now Aug/Sept 2011

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