After The Bachelor flops, Made in Chelsea's version of Mark Wright hotfoots it back to London. And even though I hate him, that's where he belongs

Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea and The Bachelor fame gets right on my wick.

But as the saying goes, there’s a very thin line between love and hate.

I’ve witnessed his wandering eye in three series’ worth of Made in Chelsea and now the ultimate, ultimate cheese-fest and ratings-flop that is The Bachelor.

And I actually find Spenny entertaining, yah. Mostly because he doesn’t realise his unwitting comedy genius.

How many times are we going to hear the words, ‘You’re amazing. And I want to take things to the next level’ or, ‘I’ve never felt this way about a lay-dee before’, with a dead-behind-the-eyes stare?

Well, hopefully another 20 before the year is out, when he returns as kingpin of Chelsea. Which he is! Yay!

Spencer is as wooden as TOWIE‘s Mark Wright, which is a rare achievement in reality telly.

Which is why I’m so darn happy he’s taking his place back on the streets of South Kensington, where he should be, among Louise Thompson, Millie Mackintosh and co.

No more pretending to fancy the glamour models who have been foisted upon him on The Bachelor (come on, we all know it’s for show).

I think Mark Wright made the ultimate boo-boo in leaving TOWIE to make TV as questionable as Mark Wright’s Hollywood Nights.

Though TOWIE has now recovered, for me it’s taken almost a year for it to claw its way back to its best. 

You see, we didn’t realise how much we needed Mark Wright to glue Essex together – and without Spencer, the Made in Chelsea wheels might fall off, too. Luckily, they won’t. Because he’s coming back!

So I have to hand it to you, Spencer – you’ve made the right decision. I still hate you, but at least you’ve made the right career choice.

Made in Chelsea just wouldn’t have been right without you – however loathe I am to say it.

Yeah, Spenny has eyes for anything with boobs and a heartbeat. But deep down, we know his heart, if he has one, belongs to Chelsea.

In Chelsea, mummy approves of his ‘victims’, and he doesn’t have to squirm whilst giving out tacky roses every 10 minutes, like he does on The Bachelor.

You see, when Spencer Matthews looks embarrassed about his actions, the game is well and truly over. So bye bye, The Bachelor.

Now, when does the new season of Made in Chelsea kick off?!

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