I'm sad lovely James Morton lost out...but did you SEE John Whaite's chocolate chiffon cake?

Never before have I seen such a lovely reality telly show.

The Great British Bake Off
doesn’t embarrass and ridicule fame-hungry wannabes inside a sort of circus of shame like most other reality TV.


(Now, please excuse the forthcoming cake-baking analogies, but they just work, yeah?)

Instead the show has taken a proper craft, mixed in a large dose of affable, truly likeable contestants and added an extra dollop of Britishness – which ties in lovingly with this year’s Jubilee and Olympic spirit.

The result? Unexpectedly great TV. Not least because everyone is so NICE.

Last night saw the final – a civilised showdown.

In the mix were cute-as-pie James Morton (who I’ve already raved about so much I need to shut up now in case he thinks I’m a crazy lady), sweetheart and perfectionist baker Brendan Lynch, and underdog and total hottie John Whaite.

After a nail-biting episode, we saw James fail in the final task – the showstopper cake round.

Basically, each baker had to pull something completely and utterly ridiculous (and delicious) out of nowhere. And James ballsed it up by trying to bake five cakes at once (more than most of us will bake in years).

Silly James.

The winner was the charming John, who is also a law student, with his chocolate chiffon cake. If only I’d spent my student loan on cake baking ingredients and not Jagerbombs. Sigh.

On finding out he’d won, everyone was ridiculously nice to each other, before having a celebratory fete. Yep, that’s right. On Big Brother they go and bitch about each other on Twitter and stuff when they get out of the house. Not on this show.

We then found out that each contestant was using baking for good means – such as charity work. And that winner John had also pulled off a First in his law degree.

I think I need to take up baking if this is the kind of lovely, gracious, calm person you become.

Goodbye, Bake Off. Sayonara, bunting. Ta-ta scones. See you next series. Sob!

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