Or at least she SHOULD be. I'm placing bets on her being the next superstar

Last night I was lucky enough to meet Zawe Ashton (aka Vod from Fresh Meat), and her co-star Jack Whitehall (JP from the show – I’ll come to him in a second) at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards 2012.

I’ve been girl-crushing on Zawe for a while now, but in the flesh? Oh. My. God. What a knockout. A superstar was born last night, I’m sure of it.

Zawe won the Ultimate Newcomer award, and well-deserved too. She is literally, in my opinion, the funniest person on TV right now.

If you haven’t caught her as her hilarious, broke, mouthy, gothic alter-ego Vod, get onto 4OD right now and catch up.

And Zawe scrubs up well, too! Check her out without her usual spikes and chains. Zawe is definitely drop-dead-gorgeous enough for superstardom – but more importantly, she has the acting skills.

I can totally see Zawe as the next 007 bad girl. (But please make loads more Fresh Meat first, Zawe!)

And now on to Jack Whitehall.

Interviewing him in a scrum of journalists wasn’t as tricky as you’d think – he rocked up to us and gave us a mini stand-up show (though I regretfully can’t repeat the X-rated stuff he said here).

Us journos were laughing so much that we actually stopped elbowing each other in the face for five minutes.

And when Jack was asked who his Ultimate Woman was – he said Zawe. Cute!

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