Bex gets her claws in to Luke after she finds out she's up for nomination against Darnell and Mohamed...

Tonight before I get on to nominations and why Dale is such a dick, I would like to begin with a question. How did Rachel get to day 48 in the house without realising that Darnell was in fact black? Seriously? I know he has pale skin, but it’s pretty damn obvious. Has she never spoken to him? I’m confused!

Anyway, that over and done with I would next like to consider Dale. He was completely out of order not giving the drink and snacks to the hellish housemates. Lisa, Mikey and Sara have had nothing for two weeks a few cookies and a couple of beers wouldn’t have killed him.

I now just hope it does mean he gets put up for nomination next week and goes. Dale says he doesn’t care about the £100,000 and I believe him, but only because he thinks he’ll make money from all the magazine deals he gets. I don’t think he realises that this year the housemates street value has seriously fallen this year and apart from talking about his ‘relationship’ with Jen he hasn’t exactly got much to say. Oh well. I’m sure his GCSE in PE will see him go far anyway.

Rebecca is currently the bookies favourite to go and I really hope it is her, but I think this week it’s going to be a really close call.

I’m upset that I had to see her snogging Luke again, as it’s a sight that makes me dry heave. However, has anyone else noticed how she only seems to do that when she’s up for nomination? I’m sure she’ll claim she was drunk, but the most she could have had was three beers and I’d need at least three bottles of sambuca to do the deed with Luke.

Meanwhile, Mo may be a greedy sod and I can see why that wold annoy the other housemates, but damn is he good at the alarm clock task and yet no one seems to be praising him for it. Gluttony aside I like Mo and would like to see him stay for a little while longer.

Darnell isn’t taking his nomination as well. However, I will allow it simply because I think it’s because he’s genuinely upset that it means people he thought were his friends aren’t. I get that his mood swings are a little out of control and he can sometimes be a little aggressive, but he realises he’s done wrong quickly and actually has a bigger heart than most of the other housemates.

I’m getting a little bored of Sara thinking it would be great to hang out with Bex and Luke. Why exactly? Lisa is also annoying me for being so naïve as to think they would swap places with her and Mikey so they could get a week in heaven when they are in fact far too selfish to ever do that.

I’d also like it if Mikey stopped being so rude to people all the time. Yes, Kat did count about ten minutes on the time task when she was only supposed to do five and that was rather rubbish [you only have to count 300 Mississippis in your head for goodness sake], but there was no need for him to make such a big deal of it. Then again, Mikey is blind and even he knows Darnell is black.