Rebecca goes down in my estimations and Rex and Jennifer are up for eviction...

I am deeply disappointed in Rebecca. What exactly has happened to her over the last few weeks? Clearly hanging out with Jen is not a good idea. She’s turned from a slightly stupid extrovert to a nasty, vindictive cow.

I’m a little embarrassed that I liked her at the moment and sad that she was only saved from nomination this week because she managed to get Luke out of jail so he could nominate.

First off, does she actually have any self respect? I know that’s not usually valued highly on BB and I’m used to a bit of drunken flashing on the show. However, I’m confused why Bex felt the need, in the middle of the day and stone cold sober, to take her top off and get covered in sun cream for a‘dare’? At least when Jade got her kebab out she was pissed. Even Kinga was drunk [although I know that doesn’t excuse it. It still makes me shudder]. Does she really have that low self esteem that is someone tells her to do something like that she does? Her mum must be so proud.

Secondly, despite regularly being warned and told by BB that her behaviour is unacceptable she refuses to change or even consider that they might be trying to do her a favour by telling her that she’s being out of line.

If Mohamed did take some tobacco, that was out of order. However, deliberately cutting his belt in half as revenge is just a little bit sad and plain old nasty. When you think about it, Rex got a whole other level of abuse purely for slightly smudging a picture, yet no one seemed too worried about Bex breaking someone else’s possessions. Double standards again anyone?

Also, I get Rex is a bit of a t**t, but to lie that you heard people shouting that he was a w***** over the wall was also just a bit petty and mean. Come on Bex, grow up a bit will you?

At least Jennifer is up for eviction. She is clearly mental. You may not like Kat and Rachel being happy all the time, but to seriously think their happiness is them being manipulative and sly is just insane. Surely?

Please BB do bring in another girl that Dale fancies before the end of the week, just to watch her head explode before she gets kicked out. Please?