It's flashing, waxing and camping it up for the straight men of the house

It’s normally the girls in the Big Brother house who can’t wait to get their clothes off, but this time even the boys are in on the act. It didn’t exactly take Brian long before he was naked and waving it around in front of the Twins. To their credit they did looked slightly concerned [although more so when Brian foolishly referred to it as a ‘little thing’, come on Brian big yourself up!]. The drying between his legs with a towel was hardly the most attractive technique I’ve ever seen although I did like the fact he implored them to stop looking despite the fact he was virtually waving his crown jewels under their noses!

Next up was a conversation between Billi [Zoolander] and Gerry, where not only did Gerry announce that he liked to shave his balls, but Billi piped up that he liked to trim his pubic hair as well. Too. Much. Information!

However, the most disturbing sight of the evening goes to the new boys performing YMCA. I’m sure Take That are quaking in their boots at the new boyband in town and for once, Ziggy isn’t a member! Brian’s tight leather chaps and beard were a stroke of genius and the seriousness on Jonathan’s face as he sung YMCA was impressive. I love the gay men throwing pants at them, although luckily it wasn’t Carole’s smalls that got chucked or there could have been a serious incident.

The housemates, led by Tracey, raving to the alarm was brilliant, especially Ziggy’s confused look when he woke up and sees them all jumping around like lunatics. It also means we finally proof that it is true what they say, give a raver a car alarm and they’ll be happy for hours.

Finally, it looks like the death knell for the romance between Chanelle and Ziggy. The paranoia appear to already be sinking in for him, either that or he is just trying to get her to dump him so he doesn’t have to worry any more and get the sympathy vote all in one? Whatever, I think that there can be no doubt of the signals Chanelle is sending out, by finishing her heart-to-heart with Ziggy by popping on her ‘I’m single’ pants and joining in the foam party with Liam and Brian. She may be one of the most intelligent housemates according to their IQ test, but subtle she ain’t.