It's a happy day in hell as Rebecca gets the boot...

The love story is over. Rebecca is gone. What. A. Shame. However, despite the fact I didn’t like her, I will admit that she did make good TV with Luke and she was occasionally entertaining.

I do find it sad that people as painfully dull as Dale, Stuart, Maysoon and Rachel will last a lot longer than some of the more entertaining housemates. However, it doesn’t mean someone deserves to be in there more than them. Just because Bex shouted more and got her tits out in my opinion that doesn’t make her a ‘better’ housemate, especially when most of the time she was so annoying I wanted to gag her.

I found myself weakening towards Luke and Rebecca towards the end, particularly when Luke got jealous of Bex’s dare kiss with Mo. However, while I feel he probably did genuinely fall for her, even at the end I got the impression that while Bex liked Luke as a friend she was only using him to stay on the show.

I’m sure she’ll say she fancies him to get more publicity afterwards, but it won’t be long until she’s chasing after any other z-lister on the party circuit who will give her the time of day.

Hopefully, Bex’s departure will mean some of the other housemates get the chance to shine too.

Well done to Rex for initiating the game where everyone had to say who they wanted to win and who they thought would be the most hated. I didn’t understand though why Bex and Luke were so surprised that Rachel and Kat didn’t like them. Hmmm, you’ve been slagging them off for the last few weeks I wonder why they might not be too keen?

I’m liking Rex again now after cooling on him for the last few weeks. I’m hoping his arrogance is being amplified just because he wants to get a reaction. He might have made Rachel upset the other night, but as he pointed out it meant he had the best conversation he had ever had with her in the house so far.

Rachel is dull. Fact. However, I think she’s quite nice and doesn’t deserve all the bile and suspicion she gets from half of the other housemates. I’m sure she probably was a little bit more confrontational in her audition – after all that’s where you’ve got to do it so you get picked – but it doesn’t have to mean that’s how you are all the time.

Also we’ve only got Bex’s word on this and Rachel insists it’s not true and considering they’re not supposed to talk about the audition process maybe Bex should have just kept it to herself.

Mo does need to stop being such a scavenger. His greed is getting a little bit ridiculous now. Darnell needs to calm down a little bit too and hopefully being saved from eviction will do that to him.

Someone commented on the blog the other day that they couldn’t understand how I only thought Darnell was only ‘a little aggressive’. Quite frankly when you hear the violent deaths my boyfriend regularly plans for some of the housemates, most notably Luke, Darnell having a bit of a huff about something it’s nothing. Also when accusing Darnell of being the only aggressive housemate, maybe people would like to think back to Fight Night II and Dale and Stuart’s behviour, which was far more likely to get physical than Darnell ever has. So there.