There's no cookie love lost as the housemates are mean to Kat and Mikey loses the plot...

I’m don’t understand why all the housemate are so mean to Kat. If Jen cries they rally round, if Kat cries she’s being silly.

Poor sausage, why do they somehow think she’s this evil manipulative woman? I think she probably is just a bit sensitive. I wonder if it’s just the fact they thought because she shouted about cookie love she was just a bit stupid and when she proved she wasn’t dim it freaked them out and they had to assume she was in someway nasty. The fools.

You may have noticed I’ve been skirting around the Rachel issue a bit. That’s because I think I too would find her constant chirpiness annoying. However, I don’t want to start slagging someone off for being too nice.

Meanwhile, Luke becomes more and more of a little worm [he also shares the same muscle tone], by running to Jen to tell her that Kat said she would take her place in jail if she got sent there. Which when you write it down actually sounds nice and not the way Luke twisted it.

I don’t get why Jen is so confused as to why people don’t like her? Something to do with bitching about people constantly perhaps Jen?

Bex just seems to be getting even worse. She’s just becoming nasty, which is a real shame, but I suppose it must have always been there beneath the surface. I hope Rex stays on Friday just to annoy her.

I’m also a little concerned about Mikey’s state of mind. Not only does he only seem to be able to shout in a monotone voice in the diary room, but now he is shaving his eyebrows off, which is definitely not a good look. Then again, he’s also chosen Mario as his best mate in the house so his taste has always been, shall we say, dubious.