Virtually the whole house goes up for eviction after breaking the rules, but even more surprisingly Mo thinks he isn't greedy...

Decisions, decisions, decisions. So many housemates and only one can go. Life is cruel sometimes. I was actually enjoying it just being Luke and Dale because I would have been happy either way then.

Luke moans about all the others being dull, but he’s incredibly boring at the moment just pining away. Meanwhile, Dale is an arrogant sod who may have changed his mind about winning, but only because he realised he didn’t stand a chance. However, I still think he has a feeling he’ll survive and for that alone I would love to see him out.

I really don’t know who is going to get kicked out now. I think there’s a fair chance Maysoon or Rachel could go or maybe Mohammed, but it all depends if they inspire enough people to actually bother to vote for them.

The reactions of the housemates was the best bit about finding out they were pretty much all up. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what they said tomorrow night, but to be honest it looks like they deserved it. What is it with BB that whenever housemates that they are so rubbish when it comes to making up codes? Seriously. Luke is Wigan, well duh! It’s hardly the Enigma code now is it?

I suppose either way it makes my Friday night a little bit more exciting and considering I am currently two days overdue giving birth it could, perhaps, bring it forward. Now that’s dedication for you.

Now while I’m still loving a bit of Rex, he is milking the power he has over the Hell housemates having seen their VTs. I also wish he’d lay off Rachel a bit. Then again I think she can take it, I just wish he’d wind up Lisa a bit more instead.

On that subject, I can’t believe Lisa thinks all the blokes [even Dennis, for crying out loud] were after her in the first week when they thought she was single. Strangely enough I can’t see most of them describing their dream woman as a Gladiator lookalike who could kill a man between her thighs who also exhibits the make up skills of Jodie Marsh.

Finally I cannot believe that Mo really doesn’t think he’s greedy. Come on Mo, you’re only lying to yourself. He may not be one of the housemates who is so egotistical that if they were chocolate they would eat themselves, but Mo would definitely be in there asking for a nibble too.