Rex and Belinda are up for nomination and the housemates splatter each other with food...

Normally I don’t like food fights in the BB house. Quite frankly they’re wasteful and it’s usually someone who didn’t take part who has to clean it up. Now I’ve stopped sounding like my mum, tonight’s fight was top class.

Not only were the toothpaste bombs attack from Stuart and Rebecca inspired, but Dale’s shot which got Stuart the moment he opened the door was hilarious. Not to mentioned the sustained attack on Rebecca with water as she hid under a sheet.

Rebecca really can’t cope with the divide can she? Get over it, love. It’s a bit rubbish, but she needs to stop having tantrums about it.

I always thought Darnell was kind of cool, until I realised tonight that he has been rocking a sock and slipper combination. In my opinion that’s only one step away from socks and sandals, which is a whisper away from elbow patches, which is just plain wrong unless you are a 1970s geography teacher.

Mikey’s getting on my nerves more and more too [the monotone shouting is just irritating], but I don’t understand why hardly anyone votes for him. I do like his friendship with Rachel though, it’s quite sweet and highly preferable to his friendship with Mario and Luke.

Rex is such a little bastard at the moment. I think I might have killed him if I lived with him, but I’m kind of liking his sarcasm at the moment. He’s a bit of a shit, but it’s quite funny. However, I don’t get why he feels the need to brag that he spends £100 a day. It’s actually a bit cheap to show off like that and he must know that he’s doing it. I’d also like it if he stopped being mean to Mo.

However, when it comes to nominations I still want Belinda to go before him. She’s incredibly irritating and says she doesn’t like it when it feels like Rachel is probing her, but that’s all she seems to do to the others. I don’t care about the snoring, but I find the singing and jazz hands seriously offensive.