Corin, Steve, Sam Pepper and John James get the boot from Big Brother...


I’m annoyed. Why did Big Brother choose to vote to evict rather than vote to win? We’re now left with some rather dull housemates rather than the entertaining ones.

JJ? Seriously? Yeah he’s pretty, but hardly thrilling TV. Mario? If he wasn’t so desperate I could like him more, but winner? I don’t think so.

I know it may not be popular, but I was pleased that Corin and Steve got the push. Steve didn’t add enough to the house and I still feel took up a spot in the house that someone much more fun could have had. Corin meanwhile irritated me and – although she didn’t cheat on her girlfriend – it irked me that she seemed to care so little about upsetting her girlfriend. Also I was not loving it and I most certainly was not buzzing. Bizarrely I don’t want to upset the people who like her, but I just don’t get it.

I’m pleased Andrew made it to the final. Geek chic. I can forgive the watermelon confession in light of the Jack Bauer impression. Meanwhile. I’m not a fan of Dave, and disagree with most of what he believes. Having said that, I don’t have a problem with him still being there. He arrogantly kept claiming that he should be in the final which made me not want him to make it, but I know he won’t actually win so I can live with it.

I think Sam Pepper not being in the final is an absolute travesty. I could have happily throttled him most of the time, but you cannot deny he is one of the best housemates ever. While the timing of his arrival was perfect to give the house a kick up the arse and give it some much needed momentum in the final few weeks I still wish we’d have had more of him. I would have loved to have seen Sam Pepper and Shabby or him and Ben face off. OK, he probably would have been voted out early, but I think if he’d just had a little bit more time he could have won it.

Now John James is a tricky one. I’m not trying to defend him. In the last week he was an utter cock. He was arrogant, argumentative, childish and irritiating. It was like he had pressed the self-destruct button. HOWEVER, although he shouldn’t have made the comment that he did to Rachel, it was 50/50 between them in there and she certainly wasn’t the innocent victim. I also don’t like Nathan, so I’m pleased it angered him. As Josie pointed out after he shouted at Shabby the way he did he hardly had the moral high ground when it came to how you should treat women. With a little anger management and some smoothing over from Josie, John James can be rehabilitated. We can rebuild him.

And finally there is Josie. As you will know I have been a big fan of the Bristolian from the start and I can see no other winner. She has to clinch it. Her competition is weak and it would have been nice to have a few final competitors vying for the title*. But it’s not the end of the world, I think the right girl will win., And if she doesn’t I’ll never watch Big Brother again.**

*unless the Tree Of Temptation becomes eligible then all bets are off.

**after Ultimate Big Brother of course.